Helping you to explore your life in the 20s

Hey everyone, welcome to my website. I’m an engineer and am 22 years old, who loves to explore his life. The 20s are undoubtedly the busiest time of your life. These are the days when you build your career and enter into the world of diversities and responsibilities, and I believe that these years are the best time to venture into your life, to get updated with technology, while taking care of your physical and mental health in your busy schedule.

In this website, you’ll find useful tips on

  • Career : I invite various people on my podcast series “The Panda Explores” and discuss about their success in their respective career.
  • Mental Health : In order to understand your truest potential, I try to help you to take care of your mental health in a busy lifestyle.
  • Technology : An important aspect of exploration is getting updated with the technologies. Being an expert of Artificial Intelligence, I’ll regularly update about the coolest application of A.I. in real life.

So, welcome to probably the first blog-series, where you’ll get an exposure of both Technology and Lifestyle, as I believe that you cannot separate them from each other in 2020, Right ??

The Journey not the Arrival matters.


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