A Night in the Nature’s Lap: Tents Valley, Araku

A Night in the Nature’s Lap: Tents Valley, Araku

If you’re interested in flavoring your trip with a bit of mystery and adrenaline-rush, you’ll love the Tent’s Valley in Araku, Telangana, India. We got a chance to visit the place in January. It was the first week of January when Shubham proposed the idea to spend a night at Araku in the tent, and we went totally crazy on it. 

Surrounded by the hills, Tents Valley is a camping site, decorated with tents and other entertainment accessories. We were a group of five boys and two girls, who started their journey from Warangal and reached Visakhapatnam by train. It takes 4 hours of journey from the Visakhapatnam railway station to reach there. Always book a tent beforehand and don’t forget to specify the driver the location-details, as you won’t be getting internet connection throughout your journey. We were a little late to start our journey at 4 pm with a booked Innova, so reached there by 8.30 pm. The tents were of different capacities. We booked a large tent for 8 people. 

The first feeling you’ll have after reaching there will be a sudden silence, a place far from the market, busy lifestyle and cacophony. It’s just a romantic date of you and nature. We collected our snacks beforehand, so we started playing cards outside the tent. It was 9.30 when the staffs arranged the chicken Biryani for our dinner. For the vegetarian people, they made veg-biryani. The food was quite good and healthy, but don’t expect the dinner to be served royally. They also allowed us to play the music in their sound-system. The entire place was tuned with the melodious music and the soothing weather struck a chord in our heart. There was a big projector screen to watch movies, but we decided to play games, have some warm conversations and enjoy the time.

An hour later, they arranged a bonfire to warm the situation and it perfectly lit up our mood. We started dancing around the fire with the rhythm of “Shape Of You”. Ketul was given the task of clicking some stunning pictures, while Shubhangi managed the playlist beautifully. We played cards till 2 am and went to sleep. The tent was larger than expected from the inside. We had a sound sleep in the cozy tent. 

After waking up in the morning, it unveiled its actual beauty. The sunshine was sparkling in the hills all around, the cold wind was creating a harmony all over the valley. I took Ketul to walk around the ground, meanwhile, others woke up and got ready to explore Araku.  

The night in the tent was enough to refresh my mind, spending a few moments in the lap of nature gave me a break from the regular jam-packed routine. I really loved the hospitality of the staff, the maintenance of the tent and other facilities. However, the bathrooms could have been maintained in a better way. The availability of drinking water and the communication gap between the local staff & outside travelers will be an issue. Other than that, you must visit there once with your friends.

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  1. I am more of an indoor person, but I love going outside during summer. Anything that would give me a front row seat to nature and its beauty, count me in!

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