A vast world inside 100 Square feet: “Room”

A vast world inside 100 Square feet: “Room”

  • Year of Release: 2015

I decided to watch most of the old classic movies during quarantine and learn a little bit from each of them. So, yesterday, on a calm and silent rainy evening, I decided to stream it on my laptop. 

“I’m not a good enough Ma”

– “But you’re Ma”

Room, 2015

Based on the novel by Emma Donoghue, “Room” is a perfect portrayal of the divine bond between a mother and her child. Ms. Donoghue has also written the screenplay of the movie, which has made it a perfect adaptation of the beautiful novel. 

“Room” begins in a 100 square feet room, with no window and a ‘Skylight’, where little Jack, played by Jacob Tremblay, is raised by his ‘Ma’ (Brie Larson). They can’t step out of the room as his Ma was kidnapped at the age of 17 by some guy referred to as ‘Old Nick’ (Played by Sean Bridgers), who comes regularly to the room at midnight, abuses the lady and goes out keeping them locked. Even after being in such a horrible condition, Ma perfectly manages to let her child build his own world inside the room. 

The way little Jack greeted each and every material in the room depicts that he was satisfied with the world inside the room. Little Jack played with the toys, enjoyed the conversation with his Ma, while his Ma thought of a plan to get out of the room. Finally, Jack managed to escape and rescue his mother. They got admitted to a hospital, from where they went to Jack’s grandma’s house.

The next phase of the movie describes how Jack gets welcomed by the diversities of the world. His perfectly comfortable monochromatic life got exposed in a colorful environment, and he slowly started interacting with it. But eventually, his Ma suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, had troubles taking care of her child, who still feels comfortable in his mother’s lap and finally, got hospitalized. 

Meanwhile, Jack got accustomed to the colors of the world and helped his mother to recover from his trauma. The movie ends with a revisit to the ‘Room’ by mature Jack and his Ma. The scene, when Jack bids farewell to everything in the room, touches the audience. When Jack asked “Has it gone shrinked?”, we understand how his mother successfully created a vast imaginary world inside the room during those dark days. 

Here’s what I loved:

The viewpoint of a child:

Most of the key moments in the movie got expressed through the eyes of 5-year-old Jack. The way he accepts the room is conveyed to the audience in the very first moment. We truly loved the way he visualizes the world as a mix of colors, and the way he got matured and accepted the world. 

Brilliant Acting

Portraying the character of a careful mother, who is suffering from severe trauma was not an easy task at all, but Brie Larson perfectly played the role, blended his charm in the movie and made the character so real. She won the Oscar for the best actress for the movie which she truly deserved. On the other hand, the quiet, plastic, evolving character Jack was perfectly played by Jacob Tremblay.

The bond between a mother and son

The bond between a mother and son was the center of attraction for the movie. It’s fascinating to see how beautifully Jack and Ma helped each other. Even after being expressed to the wide varieties of people, Jack always felt safe in the lap of his Ma. In a way “Room” was not just the place where he was kept for 5 years, to Jack, Room was the love showered by his Mother, where he always felt comfortable, safe. 

The Oscar nominations for the Best Picture, Best Director, and best-adapted screenplay are enough to prove it’s worth. Even after 5 years of release, I feel that “Room” is a must-watch for everyone. 

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12 thoughts on “A vast world inside 100 Square feet: “Room”

  1. I haven’t seen this movie yet, do you think it is available on Netflix? Thanks for sharing your movie review.

  2. This sounds like a beautiful movie. It would be nice to watch a story based on a child’s viewpoint. The plot is not unique, as there have been many other movies similar, but the one that sets this one apart from the rest is showing this as seen from the eyes of a child.

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