Celebration of Death : Why Coffin Dance became so famous

Celebration of Death : Why Coffin Dance became so famous

The world is going through a rough phase right now. Who would have thought that the year would start with Australian Wild-fire, followed by the rumor of world war 3, and finally something happened, and all of us are quarantined for more than a month! In between all the horrible incidents, we see a group of individuals wearing formal attire, dancing with a coffin, celebrating the death of a person with a composition of “Astronomia”, bringing a wave of trending memes in social media. 

Let’s take you through another example, one of the generational talents in the Indian cinema Irrfan Khan suddenly left us a week ago. Everyone was devastated by the news. It felt like a personal loss to all the Bollywood lovers when the entire country silently mourned the death of this legend. But, people decided to remember the happy moments of his life and celebrate the marvelous legacy he built in his 54 years of life. Social media was flooded with his best dialogues, one of which turned into a famous meme within a week !!

All these incidents raised a bunch of questions in my head. 

Is this what people want? 

To celebrate death? 

To let a person go with happy faces?

So, let’s dive deep into the concept and understand why celebrating death isn’t a bad idea at all. 

Understanding the reality of death

To me, life is nothing but a beautiful story, which has struggles, full of climax. Death is nothing but a sweet ending to that story. I understand that not everyone dies ‘peacefully’. But, come on, a story can have a tragic ending, but that doesn’t mean that the story was bad, right? 

After finishing a book, we should close our eyes and realize what a beautiful story it was. Maybe it’s time to reflect the same thought in our life as well. We all got a chance to create a story, it’s in our hands to fix its genre. When some beautiful story is over, we should celebrate because it happened, rather than weeping over the fact that it won’t happen again. 

Prioritizing the present over the past:

Do you remember the speech of Captain America in the Avengers Endgame , where he said:

” The present is in our hands, we gotta deal with it.”

This can be one good reason for not to mourn over a death. We should focus on the present rather than the past. The person who is dead has already completed his story, but we still have some pages to finish. So maybe we shouldn’t let someone’s death affect our story in a negative way. Rather than that, we can get a positive vibe by remembering the person’s entire life and helping ourselves to grow. 

Is it actually the end?

Death is nothing but the fear to face the death

Things may turn out to be a little spiritual in this section. Well, I’ve seen a lot of people believing that life is a complete cycle rather than a one-time journey. According to various religions, death is a journey to eternal peace. The Geeta says that a soul is indestructible, it takes the form of one body to another after death. People may question their reality. But I think that believing this is a better option than mourning over the death of a person. 

The famous literary person and a Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore once wrote, 

‘I am greater than death’ will be the words I speak

Before I take my final bow.


Even if he dies, his creation, his legacy will remain forever. No matter whatever happens to him, he will continue to live in the hearts of the people. Maybe people realized that and started to celebrate creation rather than focusing on destruction. 

Time to realize, how should you face your death !!

Some of you might be thinking that it’s easy to celebrate someone else’s death, the real situation will arise when we’ll face death in our life. Honestly, we face death quite often.

When we fear to face a tough situation, when we suffer from an existential crisis, when we lack self-confidence, that’s the moment when death comes to our doorstep. Remember, if you are living each and every moment perfectly, if you find peace in the present rather than searching for it in the future, you should not be afraid to face death at all. 

After all, death is nothing but the fear inside our head, it’s in the place because we keep it higher in our mind, the moment we’ll stop prioritizing death, we’ll stop mourning over it.

Let’s embrace the new concept aroused in 2020, let’s face the death in a positive mindset and enjoy “The Coffin Dance”.

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8 thoughts on “Celebration of Death : Why Coffin Dance became so famous

  1. Death is my absolute fear and I’m not ready to face it. I still have lots of things to achieve but when my times comes, I will face it. haha

  2. The dance certainly went viral.i actually though it was acting til I heard on the radio that it was a reality and that the guys business improved after the viral video.

  3. Death is celebrated differently in many cultures. Some mourn in black clothing, some dance in colorful outfits, and some add a bit of both. We are going through changes in our global communities so all bets are off.

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