Fix Your Relationship in this Quarantine

Fix Your Relationship in this Quarantine

Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog. Hope you’re all safe from the recent spread of COVID-19. As the quarantine period has given you lots of free time, you can utilize this time to fix everything in your life and convert it into a productive session. Before we start this blog, I want you to visit my previous blog on how to work on yourself in this quarantine. However, this blog is all about fixing your bondage with your loved ones including family and friends.    

Relationship is something that keeps us protected from the rough edges of life, it helps us to grow. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we all need some form of relationship in our life. The US psychologist Maslow once proposed a hierarchy of needs, in which love or belonging appears to be in the third level in the hierarchy.

Spend some time with them

It’s a harsh reality of life that we fall apart from our loved ones due to our daily jam-packed routine. When you come home after working hard from 9 am to 5 pm, you barely have the energy remaining to spend some quality time with your family. Sometimes we forget that apart from earning money, spending some time with our parents or family members is equally important. 

Now you have plenty of time. So, after watching an episode of Money Heist, go and sit with them. Things may get a little bit awkward at first, but that’s okay. Spending some time with them will allow you to understand them better, which will help you to connect with them. Otherwise, you can involve everyone in some fun activities. One of my friends suggested playing cards with parents. I generally prefer carrom or ludo. Watching a movie altogether will be an awesome idea.

Get involved in Deep Conversations

You often find it hard to find out some time to talk to your family members properly. When you stop sharing each others’ views, you start to drift apart.  

In this quarantine, let the person open up his or her mind in front of you. Go sit with them, start talking about random things: how you pranked your colleague, what are the unique characteristics of your friends and so on, and slowly start diving in some deep conversations. Surely they will love it and both of you will explore a different aspect of each other.

Be a good listener

Often we make this mistake while having a conversation. Sometimes our exhaustion after a tough routine forces us to be like that. When you come after having a busy day, you start telling your loved ones about the problem you faced in the office, ignoring the fact that they might have had a tough day too, they might have waited for you to arrive to share their story as well. 

So, for a minute, think it from their perspective, think what kind of company you’re offering to that person. Relax a little bit, you have lots of free time to share your stories, let them share their story, understand their feelings, their mental state, then only open up your mind.

Missing your buddies? Call them

Now let’s talk about your friends. If you’re a college student, surely you’re missing those late-night chats or games in a friend’s room. You must have had lots of good buddies in school who used to lift your mood whenever you were in trouble but couldn’t contact them as you involved yourself later in your busy lifestyle. 

This time is the perfect opportunity to fix these loose ends. Call them, Surely they’re feeling bored as well. Quite obviously your vibe will match quickly and you’ll enjoy a long & crisp conversation. Speaking for a few minutes with your buddies will refresh your mind, which is much required in the current circumstances. 

If you have a good internet connection, you can try group video calling as well. Whatsapp allows you to connect with up to 3 members, while I recently found Zoom app quite useful to connect with 100 people in a video call.

Use social media wisely

Most of us are spending more than an hour per day on social media. But it’s your choice if you want to just scroll through the memes, or you want to utilize it to connect with more people. Don’t get me wrong here, memes can engage a large group of people humorously, but you should try the other effective ways as well.   

Involve your friends over an online initiative, try some Instagram challenge which involves a lot of friends, join some Facebook group and involve yourself in healthy conversations. 

That’s it !! Let me know in the comment section how you’re fixing your relationships in this period. I’ll be posting similar articles to help you explore your life. Please subscribe to connect and stay updated about the upcoming blogs.


10 thoughts on “Fix Your Relationship in this Quarantine

  1. I love all these tips you give to fix your relationship with your loved ones during the quarantine! I think this is such a great time to really and genuinely reconnect with those close to you. I know life gets in the way sometimes but often that puts us in positions where we accidently abandon, ignore, or even hurt those we truly hold dear!
    I love how you mention how this is a great time to reconnect to with old friends. One of people’s biggest regrets is missing out on a chance to talk to a child hood buddy. It is so easy to call or chat with someone on the internet these days!

  2. A silver lining of this situation is we’ve all got more time to invest in our relationships. Slowing down really makes you realise what and who you value, and I think that’s having a huge impact on everyone x

  3. I honestly think the best thing that is coming out of this situation is people reconnecting with the relationship to THEMSELVES. Many are realizing just how disconnected they’ve become to their values vs their actual lives. We figure out what is actually important in times like this!

  4. Best time to do all this is now. As bad as covid is, there has been a few silver linings in terms of getting us to slow down and just halt to rest and review.

  5. Great article, I love it! One of the best things to do during this time is to have deep, thoughtful communications with active listening. It’s amazing as we go through our work life, how little we actually do this. So now that we are isolated, it is so fruitful to engage in this type of activity.

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