How Music took care of my Mind

How Music took care of my Mind

Hey everyone, this blog is a little different than the usual ones. Today I’ll talk about the effect of music in my mind, where you’ll be guided through the various stages of my life and I’ll tell you how music helped me to take care of myself. Listening to music is one of the easiest ways you can adapt to help your mind to flourish.  

The points I’ll mention here are nothing but some general ways to lead a healthy life. But, music helps you to use the ways more effectively.

Taught me to embrace the diversity

When you’re born in the land of Rabindranath Tagore, your life gets flavored by music. Bengal has gifted India so many good singers, namely, Manna Dey, R.D. Barman, S.D. Barman in the past and recently, Shreya Ghoshal & Arijit Singh. In case of Instrumentalists, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Vikram Ghosh are some examples of Bengal’s contribution to the world. 

Naturally, in a Bengali society, almost each and every child is associated with some kind of music. When I was young, my cousin started learning singing, so naturally, we needed a percussionist in the house & I started learning Tabla.

We attended a lot of cultural programs in our childhood. At least once a week, my cousin & I used to practice songs together and play it in front of our parents. Quite naturally I was introduced to a wide variety of music. Some of them focussed on worshiping God, some of them were full of romance, some of them reflected our fantasy, while some portrayed the harsh realities of life. 

Listening to so much music taught me to embrace the diversities in the world. You can’t expect the same quality from everyone. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. The sooner you’ll understand it, the better you’ll be able to expand your mind.

Enhanced my Focus

When I entered the college WiFi and LAN facilities allowed me to enter into a larger world of music. The mixture of pop and folk enriched my mind and inspired me to explore much more in my life. My dreams, difficulties, struggles, and emotions got threaded with the themes of Interstellar, Inception, Game of Thrones & James Bond. In my first and second years, I used to solve my math problems by listening to music and surprisingly, my mind functioned much better with a proper playlist. That’s when I realized that music can enhance my focus.

Helped me to slow down when required

We’re so busy in our busy lives that we forget to slow down a little bit sometimes. In the world of formal presentations, we don’t get a chance to let our emotions flow. In this case, as well, use music as your partner. 

Music has a unique ability to touch the chords in millions of hearts quite easily. After growing up, when I started to focus on the lyrics of a song a bit more, the warm words started to touch my emotions. It helped me to relax from my daily routine, whispered in my ears that it’s okay to cry sometimes.

Helped me to heal

Sometimes, failure hits you hard, there are times when you get knocked down by life. I was not an exception. In these kinds of situations, all we need is some kind of support, which was, in my case, taken care of by the music. Rabindranath Tagore once wrote, 

For my incense never yields its perfume till it burns, and my lamp is blind till it is lighted.

Reference: Gita Bitan

Lines like these are powerful enough to heal your heart in difficult times. It teaches you to fight back whenever you’re knocked down. Later in my fourth ear, when I developed a taste in rap, I used to listen to them during my workout, and magically the songs lifted my mood and enhanced my energy.

Guided me to celebrate the present

Listening to the various pieces of music helped me to celebrate each moment a little bit more. Music healed my pain from the past, helped me to feel free from the uncertainties of the future. After a busy day, once I plugged my headphones in my mobile and closed my eyes, I used to forget my pain, tension and enter a world of eternal peace. 

Most of us must have listened to thousands of songs or some kind of musical covers. Most of our lives were changed or guided by some form of music. Thus we all owe them a little respect. To the creations of Bob Dylan, Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry, Freddie Mercury, Billie Eilish, Eminem, to the magic of Hans Zimmer, AR Rehman, Zakir Hussain & Gulzar, thank you for everything.


11 thoughts on “How Music took care of my Mind

  1. Music is truly therapeutic and there is a genre of music for every mood and personality type. I love instrumental jazz for when I’m studying or need to chill out and more upbeat music for when I need to be hype.

  2. I also come from a musical household. I played piano and clarinet when I was younger, my brother played the drums and my sister played the trombone. As a result, music has been a calming experience in my life.

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