Know yourself a little bit more

Know yourself a little bit more

What’s going on everyone? Hope all of you are safe from COVID-19. As you all know that I have recently started my new podcast “The Panda Explores”, to help you to explore your lives & choose your career. Please listen to it and remember to subscribe to us on Spotify

Recently the government of India has used the quarantine period to re telecast the old series of Ramayana, and the Indians enjoyed the taste of nostalgia. Ramayana has a scene when Jamvaban reminds the great Hanuman about his great power, as Hanuman was cursed to forget about his strength until someone reminds him of it. 

That scene raised a question in my mind. Aren’t we all cursed like Hanuman in real life ? Our mind is the storehouse of infinite possibilities l, yet we’re not completely aware of our truest potential. This question forced me to dive deep into the mind of human beings and ask myself the question, ” What’s keeping a person from knowing himself?”  Today’s blog is just an outcome of that research.

We’re all confined

Surely, you feel bored while being stuck in your room for days in the quarantine. You know what? You’re actually confined inside a room for years, since your childhood, not physically, but mentally.  

Especially in a country like India, we draw an imaginary boundary around us, inside which a child is raised by the society. Quite naturally our conscious mind doesn’t allow us to think beyond that. Once we try to step out of the boundary, the society attacks us with a sense of fear. No matter how hard we try to think beyond the predefined wall; we can’t run away from the question “How will they react ?” 

I’m not blaming the society for that. Society does it to protect you from harsh realities of life. But there’s a time when you should and you must step out of it and face the brutal realities, so that you can learn about yourself.

Spending less time with our own self

I’ve spoken about it in my past blogs. The more you spend some time with yourself the more your mind will unfold in front of you. 

We’re so busy in our daily lifestyle, that we forget to relax a little bit. By “relaxing” I meant giving a much needed rest not only to your body, but also to your mind. 

Spend a few minutes on the balcony. Stop thinking about all your problems. Just close your eyes and let your mind know a little bit more about yourself. I often find meditation quite helpful in this case. A few minutes of meditation can bring wonders in your life.

How do you define infinity

What is infinity? Is it just a number? Mathematicians say, infinity is a concept, something beyond your imagination. Our idea about infinity often decided our approach towards achieving it. Do you consider approaching infinity is a waste of time as it can’t be reached ? Do you dream about jumping into the infinity from nowhere? Or do you add a number each time while counting and escalate towards it?

Realities restrict us from visualizing our future self in our mind, we forget that there’s something more. The potential of your mind is the perfect example of infinity. The question is how do you look at it. If you consider your 9-5 job with a package healthy enough to run a family as your ultimate potential, probably you’re wrong.

Prioritizing the destiny over the journey

One point must be highlighted in this case. If you fix your destiny without picturing the road to reach there, it’s a waste of time. 

Again, your destiny is much bigger than you think. Thus, it’s always good to focus on the road more than the destinations. The reason for introducing the second point was not to stop after walking a few miles. So, have an idea of the infinity, get the direction towards going there, but never make the destination your priority. Have the satisfaction in taking an extra step, get the joy in learning more and more about yourself. Do not aim blindly for your ultimate goal. There goes a famous saying by the Bhagavat Geeta ,

“कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भुर्मा ते संगोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥”

Sri Krishna

Which means, you don’t need to care too much about the result. Just work hard, the result will follow naturally.

Not taking the first step

The earth is full of dreamers out there. Almost each and every youngster dream of having a fit body, but only a few achieve it. Do you know what differentiates a successful person from an ordinary one? The answer is very simple, taking the first step. Once you know a little more about yourself, start working towards it.

You can’t see beyond the horizon until you start your journey towards it. Try to take ten steps on the road, you’ll find a way for your eleventh step.

So, don’t hesitate to explore your inner self, don’t hesitate to step up for your own benefits. Understand your mind’s truest potential and focus on the journey.

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16 thoughts on “Know yourself a little bit more

  1. I am reaching a point where I need more time alone which is odd because when I am working on my business I am alone. I guess what I mean by more time alone, is to spend more time with myself doing something else than working on my business. I feel so passionate and in my creative flow right now that all I do when I am not with my baby is to grow my business. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Really great post. I really do believe we as individuals can be are own worst enemies. We hinder ourselves from great potential by not getting to know ourselves.

  3. We’ve got such an amazing opportunity right now to learn about ourselves in a way we’ve never done before! It’s amazing what slowing down and being taken away from the routine of everyday life can do, I know I’m already starting to understand so much more about my own needs and what I need to thrive.

  4. Sometimes knowing about ourselves is tough. I came to that scenario where my best friend knows me well than I know myself. This self-isolation is another opportunity for as to digress, and just focus on our well-being and discover who we are.

  5. The situation we are in now has given us more time to look at things in retrospect. I have learned to appreciate and give thanks to the blessings which I have overlooked before we were put on lock down. I am now more focused on my goals and I have written down strategies on how to achieve them. I guess there is some good that came out of being in quarantine.

  6. Sometimes just being with yourself is the hardest choice to make. we are all tired and stressed. I strongly believe everything will turn to better soon and we will come out of it being better people

  7. There are some really good tips here and a lot of food for thought too. I am just trying to be thankful everyday for what I have x

  8. One of the advantages of being stuck at home is having time for your self. The time to relax your body and mind. It gives you also the chance to clear your mind, focus and think more clearly of all your plans in the future.

    1. Exactly, sometimes switching yourself off from all the problems and just spending a few minutes with yourself is important. Right ?

  9. Very inspiring, loved it. Even though I enjoy being by myself I usually end up with more overwhelming questions than answers. I think taking some time out to hang out with loved ones is a must

  10. I share inspirational quotes with my followers and love that your post emphasized spending time with yourself, taking the first step and working hard. They are approaches I also recommend.

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