Meditate at Work

Meditate at Work

Hey everyone, I hope you all are safe in the quarantine period. As I said that I’ll regularly be blogging about self-exploration in our 20s, which majorly depends on your mental health. So, taking care of your mental-fitness is equally important as taking care of your body. 

Throughout my journey of exploration of mind, I found that meditation is the best technique you can apply in your life to keep your mind healthy. I was raised in a missionary school till 10th standard, from where I joined Ramakrishna Mission for 2 years, and everywhere, meditation was a common practice for all the students, teachers, and the monks. From that time onwards, I regularly try to meditate before studying.

I’m going to refer to the Bhagvat Gita, which explains the power of mind in a beautiful way, 

“उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत् | आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मन:

(elevate yourself through the power of your mind, and not degrade yourself, for the mind can be the friend and also the enemy of the self.)

Chapter 6, verse 5

Though, after practicing meditation for years, I’ve realized that you don’t need to forcefully close your eyes in a quiet room just to meditate for 5 minutes. Right now, we’re talking about the people in their 20s, who are already busy with their studies, jobs or complex routines. Thus, if you can’t take out your time or find a silent place to meditate normally, you can practice it while work as well. Sounds interesting? Let’s begin.

What is meant by “Meditation at Work” ??

First of all, understand the meaning of meditation at work. There are various types of meditation. In the most common method, you sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and chant some mantras to calm your mind. In some other methods, you try to concentrate on your breath, your thoughts.

Meditation is a practice to help you to escape mental bondage and anxieties. Our mind is so much habituated to multitasking that it always tries to think about other stuff while solving a particular problem. As a result, we can’t fully concentrate on a particular work. Thus meditation at work means focusing on the work ignoring everything else, enjoying every second of solving a particular problem ignoring all the other hurdles.

1. Detach Your Mind

First of all, get rid of your distractions. The noise coming from your workplace is enough to distract you from your work. Even if you’re working somewhere alone, there are a bunch of unnecessary noises that keep you distracted. 

So, try to find out the source of the noise, and if possible, stop the source. But some on, it’s not ethical to interrupt someone else’s work just to meditate.

I often find music as the best tool for this. A piece of light mood music can cut your mind from all the outside distractions. I prefer the theme songs more in this case. Most of the times, you’ll find me listening to the theme song of Interstellar while working !!

2. Deal with the Noise from Inside

Now, let’s talk about the noise coming from inside your head. Think about the day when you’re working in the office, after fighting with your colleague, or after watching a mind-blowing movie last night. How are you gonna detach yourself from your inner voice? Nah, music is not gonna work. If you’re trying to listen to music in high volume with tons of mental problems inside, you’re actually harming your mind.  

While I was in class 9, our headmaster gave us a beautiful idea, which I found pretty useful. So you have a lot of issues going inside your head. Rather than trying to stop it forcefully, allow your mind to think whatever it can for a few minutes. Just take 1-2 minutes’ break and start thinking. After a few minutes, all of your thoughts will be over. You’ll enter a world of eternal peace. Now come back to work thinking only about your present.

3. Use your Subconscious Mind

Researches show that your subconscious mind plays a very important role in achieving a particular goal. Thus, try to talk to it. Convince your subconscious mind that you can’t change whatever happened in the past, you can’t predict what will happen in the future, you’ll only focus on your present for the next 10 to 15 minutes. 

Try to associate a happy feeling with your present so that it becomes attached to your soul. Try to feel happiness while executing a successful code, while solving a mathematical problem, savor each and every moment.

4. Prioritize your work

This is one of the easiest things you can do to focus on your work. It’s not just applicable while meditating in your work, you can apply it all the time. Our mind is designed for multitasking, but it’s always better to finish off one work at a time so that you don’t have to divide your concentration into multiple tasks. 

I generally prefer to write all of my concerns or pending works on a notepad and prioritize them properly. Thus it’s always easier for me to allocate some particular time to each of them, so the works don’t overlap, which eventually helps me to meditate at work.

5. Stop Expecting too much from Results

One big mistake that we often commit is that we expect too much from the results. Even while working on a topic, we don’t enjoy the process, most of us come to work only to gain the result. 

Inside an office, you’re scared of your earnings, while studying you’re concerned about getting a good grade. If you dream about your destination without picturing the road to go there, it’s a waste of time. Your destinations will never be reached because once you reach there, you’ll start dreaming about something else. So, it’s always better to have fun in the process. The more you enjoy your work, the more you can get involved with it.

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10 thoughts on “Meditate at Work

  1. I think it’s important to shut out the noise and focus on your task. It produces a clearer mind. I also agree that it’s wise to prioritize your work because you can’t get everything done.

  2. I like listening to music too while I work. I mostly listen to classical piano and I use a headset that has a noise cancellation feature. It just helps me keep calm and focused in my work.

  3. I’m a great fan & proponent of the benefits of meditation. I practice daily & see the difference. I had neglected this wonderful habit for years, but I enjoy it again now!

  4. I definitely listen to music at work to de-stress and relax. Jazz and soothing tunes are my faves. Alas, not many people work in an environment to do so or mentally detach.

  5. This makes a lot of sense. I feel like I would refer to this as being mindful at work rather than meditation, but nonetheless this was a fantastic post!

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