When You Prioritize Dream Too Much: The Story of Goa

When You Prioritize Dream Too Much: The Story of Goa

Today’s blog will be a little bit different. It will be an interesting story, which happened to us in the month of February. Our plan was to visit Goa that time, which eventually got cancelled and turned out to be a beautiful life-lesson.

3 Weeks to Goa !!

We were enjoying a beautiful night at a camping site in Araku, when Shubham announced, “We’re going to Goa next month !!” That’s it, Ketul took his mobile out and searched for the trains available from Warangal to Goa. Sadly, we didn’t find any available tickets directly to Goa. Luckily, we had a few tickets left to Gokarna, from where we could go to Goa easily by taking a car. Just after returning from Araku, we booked the tickets to Gokarna. We planned to start our journey just after the end of the mid sem exam i.e. at 15th February, stay there till 20th and come back on 21st. We divided the 4 days of trip equally to North and South Goa. 

From “Dil Chahta Hai” in 2001 to the “Golmaal” series, Bollywood movies have shown the cool and wild nature of Goa quite beautifully. Literally, each and every bachelor in India dreams of going to Goa once in a lifetime with his friends. The charming beach, breathtaking view of the sea, cool and free lifestyle, night-clubs and water sports have made Goa so attractive to the Indians. Quite naturally we had the fancy beaches in our fantasy as well. I was the most excited of them all. 

2 Weeks to Goa !!

We didn’t have a huge syllabus to complete for the mid-sem. This gave me enough time to start my research about Goa in detail. I googled everything related to it, went through most of the travel blogs, and studied the differences between North and South Goa. Just within 7 days, I came to know every detail of the beaches in Goa. I prepared a list of places to go and made a WhatsApp group to forward them the details. Visiting all the places in just 2 days was nearly impossible, but I tried to sort them accordingly. 

Meanwhile, Shubham gave us the idea to visit the streets of Goa by renting scooters. Luckily 2 of us had licenses. I also found a bunch of scooter rental shops on Google, So, we had our transportation sorted. Baga beach was the most famous of all the beaches in Goa, so we decided to stay near Baga. Meanwhile, I started searching for Hotels. After a lot of negotiations and searching, we settled for a Hotel within 1 kilometer from the Baga. 

In the mid-time, I came to know about Grande Island, which is famous for scuba diving and stunning marine life. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit there. I allocated 19th February just for a trip to Grande Island and water sports. 

7 days to Goa !!

I could feel my heart beating in excitement. Our WhatsApp group was flooded with tons of messages forwarded by me. We were already prepared for the mid-sem, so we finally started to fix the minute details of the trip. By that time, I knew every detail of the beaches, the names of famous tourist spots. 

On 10th Feb, I prepared 2 journey-details in Google Maps, one for North Goa, one for South Goa. We had our water-sports package and Grande island trip fixed. According to the plan, we would have reached Baga beach on 16th February evening. We planned to explore the north goa tourist spots on the 17th & 18th while spending the night in between in the night club in Tito’s Lane (the lane famous for partying). We would reach Majorda beach on the 19th and stay in a hotel as it was closer to the “Madgaon” station. We fixed the day to explore south goa as much as we could. The last day i.e. the 20th Feb was fixed for the water sports. We planned to complete the Grande Island trip, along with scuba diving by 4 pm and spend the rest of the day enjoying Jet- Ski, Parasailing and banana ride. 

Suddenly we came to know that 3 persons in Kerala, one of the nearby states of Goa got affected by COVID-19, Shubham got scared. But we didn’t take it seriously, as we were prepared to take proper precautions. We packed our bags beforehand and took all the essential materials. 

13th Feb, 2.pm, I got a piece of forwarded news in Whatsapp, the government imposed section 144 in North Goa due to a suspected terror attack !! All of our dreams broke into pieces.  The cancellation of a planned trip is a very common thing, but I don’t know why it hit me hard that day. I couldn’t have my meal, couldn’t sleep properly. After a long time, I felt alone, again. 

That’s when I got a beautiful lesson from life. Dreams, generated from our subconscious mind, have huge power. It can lift us high in the air, while it can knock you down in seconds. It’s good to dream about something, but never make dreams your priority. Sometimes, we become so obsessed with achieving our dream, that we forget to enjoy our surroundings. Have a goal, have a dream, but focus only on your present. 

Right now, enjoying nature from my home, when I remember the incident, it does put a smile on my face. Maybe I needed that shock to have one of the greatest realizations of my life.

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9 thoughts on “When You Prioritize Dream Too Much: The Story of Goa

  1. It sucks that all of our travel plans got cancelled but all so so we can stay home and be healthy. I hope you get to visit Goa in the near future and I know the trip will be amazing!

  2. Sometimes, when we don’t get what we want, it is for our good. I think it hit you hard because that was your moment of realization. It could have been in a place of danger but you escaped luckily. I hope you’re fine and well.

  3. It is lovely to travel again after a long hiatus brought by this COVID-19. Now, travel is a dream for the majority of us.

  4. I hope you will visit it one day. It must have been heartbreaking, I love it in Goa. I try not to dream of travels, want it, go for it, plan it yes but I try not to dream just in case it gets cancelled or something goes not as planned

  5. I am sorry you had to go through the experience of having a trip cancelled. That must have been so frustrating. There are times in life that are really depressing and I have had my share of those. What keeps me going are the words my Mom always said to me, “You don’t always get what you want. Sometimes, you have to remember that it is God working His Ways to protect you from a danger you are not aware of. Don’t be sad, instead be thankful that you have been saved. In His Time, you will get what you want. But not today. It is not yet the right time.”

  6. Hey it’s still a dream! It just gets pushed out to to a later date! No worries! I honestly believe things are just meant to be. Go with the flow.

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