The secret to success: An interview with Anushresth

The secret to success: An interview with Anushresth

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are safe from the recent spread of COVID-19. So, as you all know, I’ve recently launched my new podcast, titled “The Panda Explores”, where we interact with some successful persons who came out of their comfort zone, explored their lives, dealt with failures and finally achieved their goals. Every Sunday we release a new episode of season 1, while the next day we try to upload the excerpt in my blog. Oh, if you haven’t listened to the podcast, have the audio-experience right now !! 

I was extremely fortunate to have Anushresth Chourey, a final year student of the National Institute of Technology, Warangal & the founder of a start-up named “Kalam Notebooks”. Throughout the 20 minutes of interaction, Anushresth shared with us his secret to success.

On spending a productive quarantine

Anushresth shares with us his daily routines in the lockdown period. He’s having a beautiful quarantine period by trying new recipes, watching Ramayana, Mahabharata on the TV and having a chill time with the birds coming to his garden.

The Journey of Kalam Notebook

Anushresth saw many students using a rough quality notebook, which doesn’t even last for a few months. To help those students, he and his team decided to come up with good quality (64 GSM, 136 pages) notebooks at a cheaper price. Moreover, they gave various local shops an opportunity to have targeted marketing by advertising about them in the notebooks. They consider that advertisements on a notebook create a psychological impact on the students. 

In order to penetrate the market, they even went in a loss for the first time intentionally. After they gained huge popularity among the students of NIT Warangal, it was quite easy for them to have a healthy profit in the next time. 

The importance of an Incubation Center

After starting a small scale business, the importance of an incubation center comes into the picture. Anushresth shares his gratitude towards “Innovation Garage” in NIT Warangal, which helped them by providing them a storage space, getting permission done from the administration. 

He also shares that, for a business to excel, the connection with all kinds of people, including the professors, administrations, guards and non-teaching staff are very important. 

Future Plans with Kalam

Just like every successful entrepreneur, Anushresth also has some healthy future plans. He’s aiming to join a farm where he got placed. Meanwhile, the duty to continue Kalam will be handed over to the juniors. In this way, they will repay the college back and ensure that Kalam will grow in the upcoming years. 

Views on the economical impact of COVID-19

Anushresth considers the economic situation post-COVID-19 as an opportunity to think and come up with new ideas. He recalls the 2009 economic crisis, from which successful start-ups like Zomato, Uber grew up. He points out the recent initiatives of the start-ups like Uber essentials, Zomato groceries and expresses his thought that start-ups will recover much faster than the big companies. 

The importance of having friends

About the fame he received during his first years due to his friendliness, extroversion, Anushresth considers that those connections made him a better person. He used to explore the college with a bunch of friends, who eventually became his partners in Kalam.

Being involved in Business Club

Anushresth also feels that the lessons they got in the Business Club, NIT Warangal, helped them to run a business. B-Club taught them every general trend from basics, for example, they kept the selling price as Rs. 9 for the first time, which helped them to play with the customers’ mind. 

Involvement with Politics: 

Anushresth was the Joint Secretary of Student Council in his second year. He believes that his involvement with politics helped him to deal with the administration effectively. Along with this, the connection of non-teaching staff he got during those days helped him to run his business inside the college. Being involved in political activity is a hectic task, and he managed it quite efficiently and brought the best out of it.

His works as the Training and Placement Coordinator

It’s always good to interact with as many people as possible. The more you talk to the successful people in your domain, the more you’ll learn. He considers the most productive work he has done in his 4 years of college life is the work done in the Training and Placement ( TnP ) section in the college. Interacting with all the HR of the companies and helping them in the conduction of interviews enhanced his business mindset. 

I noticed a unique quality in Anushresth’s character. When being asked about his failures in life, he gave a unique answer. Anushresth doesn’t categorize an event as successful or failure. According to him, all you need to do is to keep going. It’s clearly visible from his character that life has made him more than an engineer. He advises his juniors not to neglect any activities in the college. It’s always good to step out and explore as much as you can. You must not neglect studies, but exploring your life, your career is equally important. 

I’ll be back with a new podcast on the next Sunday, and share with all of you their key to success. Till then, take care!


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