The treasure under the ground: Borra Caves

The treasure under the ground: Borra Caves

Hey everyone, hope you’re all safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the quarantine period has allowed me to recall the memories I’ve had with my friends back in the month of January. We had a lot of fun on our trip to Araku, where we spent a night in a camping site and explored the place the next morning. Before coming back we decided to visit the famous borra Cave. 

 “Borra” is an Odia word which means the hole. Situated in the Ananthagiri hills of Andhra Pradesh, with a depth of almost 80 meters, Borra caves is one of the largest and deepest caves in India. It actually comes under the Eastern Ghat belt. Every year it experiences thousands of footfalls to enjoy its scenic beauty. 

We reached there at 2 pm, but found it closed, we had to wait for an hour to get it opened. So we decided to have lunch before going inside. There were a lot of restaurants with Bengali names. But ironically, we didn’t find a single Bengali staff there. The food was hygienic and healthy enough for us to regain our energy. 

Just before entering the cave, you’ll experience a stunning view of the valley. The hills are curved in the form of stairs so that you can enter the cave. The more you go inside, the more it unleashes its beauty. borra Caves was created by the Gosthani River, so throughout the journey inside the cave, you’ll notice various geological patterns. The water coming from the roof creates stalactite and stalagmite structure from the limestone, the beauty of which is beyond imagination.

Inside the cave, you’ll experience a little bit of cold. The government installed some colourful lights to make this place slightly mysterious. We didn’t skip the opportunity to take some good photographs. There was also a small temple of Shiva inside the cave for the devotees, but we couldn’t visit it due to time constraints. 

Outside the cave, you’ll find some restaurants to have some healthy snacks enjoying the view of the valley. We bought some cakes, drinking water and started our journey towards Vizag station. Borra Caves was undoubtedly the best spot we visited in Araku. It’s good to see the government taking care of the place properly to attract tourists across the globe. I’ll recommend everyone to come and visit this place.


6 thoughts on “The treasure under the ground: Borra Caves

  1. I’ve been to couple of caves here in the Philippines. I think that Borra Cave is beautiful but it’s totally developed. I prefer caves where I can still see the natural form, like the narrow and dusty or muddy ones.

  2. This cave reminds me of our famous local cave in Albay Province however, the Borra Cave got more decent lights installed. It’s good that it has more safe bridge and rails.

  3. The caves are so beautiful. I was marveled at their colours and thought they were natural till I read that the government had put up colourful lights. That was a very good idea.

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