Work on Yourself in This Quarantine

Work on Yourself in This Quarantine

Hey readers, welcome to my blog, hope you’re all safe from the coronavirus pandemic. Based on the current situation, to stop the spread of COVID’19, we must stay home for the next 20-30 days. In this period you can strengthen your relationship with your family and friends. But this blog will tell you how to work on your relationship with yourself in this quarantine period. Sounds exciting, right ? Let’s begin.

Before we start let’s understand the meaning of “working on yourself”. In this case, I’m going to refer to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs”, which is a motivational theory proposed by the American psychologist Maslow. According to this theory, physiological requirements(food, shelter, clothing etc) comes to the lower level of needs. The rest of the layers are: Safety, Love and Belonging, Esteem and in the top Self Actualization. So, with the help of 10 tips, this blog will guide you to achieve higher levels in the the hierarchy of needs.

Workout at home

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Gym-freak or not, as you’re spending the entire day in your home not burning much calories, you must have a minimum workout-session of 20-30 minutes. Exercise is not just to build muscle, a regular workout session will enhance your strength and endurance, it will make you emotionally strong and is useful for a better functioning of your heart as well. You can opt between a regular cardio or weight training based on your choice. Use whatever equipment you have to provide resistance (e.g. heavy bang, bricks, or a resistance band).

Self Grooming

Let’s be honest, like everyone else, you too are not perfect in all aspects. Certainly, you can’t change them all, but there are some areas in which you can improve. Now, as quarantine has gifted you lots of free time, why don’t you give a shot at grooming yourself properly? Decide your facial-shape, trim your beard accordingly, try a new hair-style (don’t go to the saloon, for god’s sake!!). Follow a particular skincare routine after you wake-up or before you go to the bed.

Watch Movies/ TV Series

What else can be the easiest way to spend the quarantine ? Movies have a unique ability to touch your emotions quite easily, which may help you to look at life from an entirely different aspect. You got a good network connection, try Netflix (warning, don’t chill with someone ! ). You got the TV. Sit in front of it and watch whatever film comes into the movie-channel. Just make sure you spend a specific amount of time in front of it and take the required break in between. 

Get a Hobby

Hobbies can be useful enough to relieve your mind in the stressful time. Well, experts say that you need just 21 days to get a habit. So, search for a hobby, who knows? Pursuing your hobby may open up a new field in front of you. I learnt Origami these days, and it helped me by boosting  my creative mind. In case of a hobby, music can turn out to be a great tool. Learn an instrument from youtube and try to compose something out of it, for example, if you’ve learnt guitar, try to make some simple acoustic covers of the famous songs. Otherwise you can also try for a healthy crafting session.

Complete a course

Try to finish a course in this period which can be extremely helpful for your later studies. I finished the course of Machine Learning by Andrew Ng in my first year vacation and three years later I’m ready to pursue my career in ML. After the quarantine period you’re surely going to face a tough competition in the market, so it’s always good to be ahead in the race.

Try some Indoor Games

All of you might have nostalgic feelings with some kind of indoor games, which we used to play in childhood. My younger days used to pass by playing carrom with my family, Indoor games can be ludo, chess or some card games, which you can try at home. If everyone else is busy, play with the computer. But, refreshing your mind playing some kind of game is always important.

Read Books

Do you have a fictional story book or some non-fictional autobiography in your almirah? Try reading them right now. Books contain the writer’s emotion poured in the form of words, which can be powerful enough to strike a chord in millions of hearts. Let’s spend a day going through the pages of a book, visualizing the character, understanding the mindset of the author. Surely, you’ll feel the change.


Don’t get bored by seeing such orthodox techniques like Meditation, it’s still one of the best techniques to control your mind in an efficient way. Let’s visit the pages of Bhagvat Geeta. During the war of Kurukshetra, Krishna said to Arjuna:

“असंशयं महाबाहो मनो दुर्निग्रहं चलम्‌ । अभ्यासेन तु कौन्तेय वैराग्येण च गृह्यते ”

which means that by proper practice you can control your mind. Mind is made to be dynamic but if you don’t have control over it, your mind will lead you down a path of uncertainty. 

Practicing the Meditation is neither tough nor time-consuming. There are various ways to meditate. I’ll tell you the way I generally follow. All you need to do is sit on the ground with a straight posture, and let your mind think whatever it can. Various events will flash in your imagination, after a few minutes, all your thoughts will be over, you’ll enter a world of eternal peace. That’s when you have controlled your mind fully. Spend a few minutes in that position and open your eyes taking a deep breath.


Once you’ve controlled your mind it’s time to use it for your growth. We’re not brave enough to confess in front of ourselves, we try to hide our weakness, our flaws. But once you confess everything to yourself, you’ll have nothing to fear.

Remember, you are one of your closest friends, and your friend must know everything about you. So, stand in front of the mirror or start writing a diary . You have a phobia, confess, You had a horrible exam last time and you’re afraid of failure, confess. You are depressed as someone broke your heart, confess. 

It’s okay to let your emotion flow, it’s okay to be depressed for a day, It’s okay to cry. Emotions have a huge power, don’t hide it, use it for something good.


Finally, let’s come to the most important point. You have controlled your mind, you have confessed everything in front of it. Now it’s time to guide it the positive direction. Corona restricted you from exploring the world, so what ? Who stopped you from venturing yourself?  Spend a day listening to your soul. Understand your potential to its fullest extent. Start exploring in which areas you can improve, where you can devote your time and start working on it from the next day onward.

We’re so involved and busy in our daily lives, that we forgot to sit and relax for a moment, we forgot to talk to ourselves for a minute, understand our deepest desires. Consider this quarantine as a blessing in disguise, consider it as an alarming call by the nature to give time to yourself. So, feel free to spend a few moment alone, arrange a date with yourself, talk about your feelings, understand your truest potential. Live your life happily again.

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16 thoughts on “Work on Yourself in This Quarantine

  1. Great tips on how to keep productive while staying at home. I like the complete the course tip. I’ve enrolled in an online course and hope to finish the course within the next few weeks.

  2. Love these self-care tips that you shared. I agree with you that this is the perfect time to work on our relationship for ourselves and because of this post. I’m giving myself a facial tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Such great ideas on how to work on yourself during this quarantine time. I personally have been trying to eat healthy, read more, and spend time with my family playing board games!
    I even renewed my Babbel subscription to hopefully inspire me to virtually learn Spanish online though I have been slow to start!
    Thank you for promoting how to work on yourself in this quarantine time! I fear so many people will return to a “Normal” life schedule in a month and regret not using their “time off” wiser!

  4. There’s some interesting ideas here! To be totally honest I’ve allowed myself to relax a bit, we’re in really uncertain times and that takes a lot of energy to navigate so I’m going easy on myself and not expecting too much productivity.

  5. I agree with your recommendation, especially having a hobby. You can master that hobby and maybe find a way to make a profit on it.

  6. I think it’s like a season for the Home workouts haha. However, I’m improving myself while I have time in certain things that need improvements before going back to the outside.

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